Looking for a First-Class IT Consultant / Management Provider?

All NW Consultancy services, whether it’s structure, timeframes, participation levels, or remuneration arrangements, are extremely flexible. Everything is geared to the convenience of the client – in a way that will help them achieve their business objectives in the short, medium or long term.

Over the years, Nathan has agreed with clients to set up many different working arrangements – from an afternoon’s IT consultancy to sort out an apparently intractable problem, to a long-term management commitment lasting years. Here are a few examples, which show how Nathan could achieve success for your company.

Participation Portfolio

Nathan has worked with High Net Worth Investors to scour the world for technology-based investment opportunities.

Startups, particularly those with limited funds, who want IT, business or marketing services have recruited Nathan by agreeing a shareholding or other form of remuneration that works for both parties.

He has also worked with clients which he felt had significant potential and where it would be mutually beneficial to become more closely involved. In these cases, he takes a lower up-front fee and an agreed share of income.

Nathan has worked on short and long-term contracts, depending on the client’s requirements.

Other arrangements could involve the client appointing Nathan as a non-executive director or part-time executive director.

Nathan could also operate as a part-time, freelance IT manager for businesses who do not want, or need, a full-time IT team.