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Nathan is equally at home talking to a CEO, a finance director, an IT technician, a salesperson, or a supplier. His experience gives him a unique ability to understand their various goals and issues. This ensures smooth, accurate communication and helps create optimal solutions for the business as a whole.

Nathan’s vast and varied IT experience allows him to provide consultancy across a very broad spectrum of technologies. This experience also gives him the ability to understand new technology quickly, even in areas where he has not previously been involved.

Consultancy Portfolio

Digital Sales & Marketing Strategies

Reviewing current strategies and recommending new and alternative approaches. Sourcing suppliers who can provide the right skills and knowledge.

Strategic Planning & Tactical Execution

Evaluating current systems and processes – both technical and non-technical – and recommending solutions to improve efficiency and generate cost savings.

Web Development & E-Commerce Solutions

Investigating and recommending solutions to improve the client’s internet performance. 

Systems Implementation & Cloud Computing

Overseeing and managing both simple and complex installations of new systems, from initial discussions to final installation and implementation.

C-Suite Relationship Client Management & Presentations

Communicating effectively at board level and managing relationships between people at all levels in the organisation.

Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery Planning & Data Storage

Providing ‘hands on’ involvement to implement and test full disaster recovery processes, and other key procedures and systems.

Project Planning

Planning projects, from initial ideas to building a full implementation plan. Nathan can also work with finance and other project teams to ensure delivery on time and on budget.

IT Infrastructure, Modernisation & Standardisation

Investigating current use of systems and technology, and recommending modernisation or integration to increase performance.

Booking / Wealth Management / CRM / Stock Management Systems

Advising an airline on the implementation of a new online booking system. Advising on new or replacement offshore financial management systems. Investigating systems to track clients and relationships. Providing advice on the successful integration of backend technology with customer-facing websites.

M&A Due Diligence & Investment Appraisals

Researching investment opportunities for high net worth clients. Where appropriate, Nathan can also negotiate his direct or indirect participation in clients’ companies.