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Nathan Wright: A Career Founded in IT

Over the past 33 years, Nathan has developed a career path encompassing many areas of Information Technology. His background in IT and technology is at the heart of his thinking, which has led on to projects and commissions in sales, marketing and management – and to the creation of his own successful IT-based businesses.

During this time, he has worked with many corporate leaders and assisted companies in many different fields, including IT, trust and finance, legal, estate agency, recruitment, e-commerce and internet provision, helping to grow their businesses both locally and internationally.

He started his career in IT, but over the past 19 years, in addition to continuing his IT consultancy, he has embraced managerial and other business roles. He was Managing Director of two companies and a Director of another where he was responsible for business growth and the day-to-day running of the company, along with providing a strategic technical support role to ensure the businesses obtained the best possible use of ICT resources and an excellent return on ROI.

Nathan has a comprehensive ICT knowledge reinforced by practical experience in the real world, strong interpersonal and management skills and an ability and genuine interest in communication at all levels.

Expanding Experience

In 2006, Nathan launched NW Consulting – an IT, project management and marketing media consultancy service for small to medium-size businesses. This has enabled him to work with clients in diverse industry sectors, helping them devise, develop and implement successful ICT, marketing and sales strategies.

His ability to achieve this success is based on many years’ experience in project management, client-facing work and the establishment and development of his own businesses in the online and offline world. Consequently, Nathan has a unique breadth of practical experience and knowledge in the implementation of new business systems and infrastructure. He also has ‘first hand’ experiences of dealing with, and solving, the IT issues and general business problems that can arise in any company trying to become established.

Nathan has also helped clients diversify their business online, creating new revenue streams.

IT-Based Offshore Announcements Service

Under the NW Consulting umbrella, he also launched an IT-based offshore announcements service for financial professionals worldwide, in both offshore and onshore jurisdictions. The service expanded quickly with partnerships established with third-party software developers to embed the service within their systems. This enabled staff within professional firms to ensure they were keeping up to date, without the need to waste time searching the internet or outdated, printed publications.

Design, Manufacture & International Marketing

Nathan was also closely involved with a UK firm in bringing a unique child internet safety product to market. He developed the branding then established distribution and retail channels throughout the Channel Islands and United Kingdom. He took the product from its initial concept-prototype to manufacturing and packaging in China, which enabled him to agree a rollout agreement with a major UK technology retail chain and e-commerce sales website.

NGO PR Campaign

Another project involved the creation of a ‘fun’ campaign with all profits donated to a major, international NGO. This experience enabled Nathan to learn ‘first-hand’ the best way to use social media to benefit a commercial venture. The campaign involved Twitter, Facebook, the creation and promotion of a website, merchandising, a mobile ring tone and a full length UK chart-ready single, available on iTunes, Amazon, and HMV. Nathan worked with local and national media to increase coverage and convinced Key 103 (Manchester’s No 1 radio station) to invite the actress Jennie McAlpine (who plays Fiz in Coronation Street) to launch the single live on air before its public release. Other media coverage included the Jersey Evening Post, ITV Daybreak, ITV Loose Woman, Channel 103, BBC Radio and the Lancashire Telegraph.

Airline Launch

Nathan has also project managed the online launch of a new division of an African low-cost airline that included the overseeing and co-ordination of multiple stakeholders and suppliers.


In addition, he worked very closely with a leading healthcare practitioner to help bring her products to market, using online technologies and advertising to help her customers and practitioners (over 7,000 worldwide) to better understand the products and to make it easier for them to buy online.

ICT Manager: Fiduciary Services

Nathan was approached by the directors of one of Jersey’s leading providers of fiduciary services, regarding a new ICT Manager position they had created. After a number of meetings, he accepted the position with responsibility for the existing two-person ICT team.

After performing an internal audit of the ICT systems and the way they were used, he formulated a restructuring plan. This involved working with the directors, to improve efficiency and creating an environment where staff would see IT as an essential tool, rather than a hindrance.

The implementation of these fundamental changes required careful managing, as staff had to embrace the new system, while still handling their daily workload.

One of the biggest changes was the establishment of an email helpdesk which, over time, staff readily and happily acknowledged resulted in faster resolution of their individual and departmental technical problems. The helpdesk also enabled the ICT team to progress other administration issues without constant interruption.

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Self-Employed IT Consultant: Offshore Financial Software

Nathan accepted an invitation from a leading Guernsey IT software/hardware provider to establish and run its Jersey operation and to support its expanding Jersey client base. The job entailed providing full office administration along with presentation and training facilities for its offshore financial software product, and to expand the sales and marketing of the software in Jersey and internationally.

The first step involved securing a suitable office suite and co-ordinating the refurbishment, fitting out and equipping of the premises.

The new Jersey office enable Nathan to raise the profile and local awareness of the software suite which lead to continuing client expansion in the offshore trust and company administration sector, both locally and internationally.

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Self-Employed IT Consultant: Trust Company

Nathan was contracted to investigate a replacement IT system for a trust company. He produced an initial internal questionnaire to help ascertain the critical and non-essential requirements for the new system. The results of the questionnaire, which was completed by all staff, were analysed and a requirements chart was produced.

He then produced an Issue to Tender document that was sent to 12 potential IT suppliers in Jersey, Guernsey and internationally.

Each shortlisted IT company was interviewed by Nathan who, subsequently, arranged for them to install a test installation at the clients’ office. He was then responsible for internal testing.

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Managing Director

As Managing Director of a Jersey communications group, Nathan was responsible for the day-to-day running of five companies. He was also responsible for liaising with institutional shareholders, the progress of acquisitions and the development of subsidiaries.

He also contributed articles for publication on topics such as internet publishing, database directories and IT. These articles appeared in both local and UK publications.

The company, with its locally based associates in interactive communications publishing, became, under Nathan’s leadership and direction, an innovative leader in the uses of IT for business communications.

Technical Director

Nathan was one of three founder shareholders of Interactive Communications Limited. At the time, it was one of only two companies on Jersey providing corporate internet websites and email, as well as full internet connectivity. Projects ranged from single-machine connections to full company network solutions.

As Technical Director, he implemented a full internet service facility using Microsoft Windows technologies to provide resilience and reliability.

With a team of six, Nathan was responsible for the creation and implementation of a full Internet Service Provider offering internet connection to businesses and home users, whether by normal phone connection, ISDN, leased line or dedicated number services.

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Sales Manager: Offshore Finance Industry Software Developers

As Sales Manager, Nathan played an important role in the international promotion and sales of a software system, which was eventually used in over 80 countries worldwide.

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Technical Support Consultant: Wealth Management Software

Nathan’s job entailed maintaining the day-to-day client support service, embracing all aspects – from telephone customer care to project planning of IT system upgrades and implementation.

IT System Supervisor: Trust Company

In the early days, Nathan took a year out of direct IT supply to gain a ‘first hand’ appreciation and understanding of the users’ application of the technology.

This proved to be a considerable advantage when discussing client’s IT requirements and business needs.

He was also responsible for the design and implementation of a new IT and communications network linking all the company’s Jersey offices. The project included the provision of international links – voice and data – between their network of offices and clients.

IT Customer Services / Support Agent