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NW Consulting was formed by Nathan Wright, in 2006, as he could see a need for someone to bridge the gap between business and technology people, whether internal or external, whether operating at local or international levels.

His vast experience meant he understood what it was like for business owners, managers and directors who, when trying to take their business forward, were being hampered by technology issues. Or in some cases when the technology was defining what the business could do and offer its clients.

Nathan effectively removes these technology restrictions by providing a unique range of unique services to ensure the technology fits and supports current and future business needs, while helping the company or organisation grow and prosper.

As a qualified GDPR Practitioner, Nathan can also offer professional help to companies and organisations of all sizes who are having difficulty complying with the GDPR. His services range from a one-off consultation, to ongoing handholding, effectively becoming a member of your GDPR team.

NW Consulting has established a reputation for delivering success, tailored precisely to the business needs of clients.


Certified Practitioner

Nathan Wright

Nathan is an IT and business consultant with a 33-year track record of achievement in providing innovative advice and solutions to local and international companies and organisations. He also offers a range of practical professional services.

He brings his unique skills to bear on sales and building IT infrastructures. By coordinating efforts between business divisions and implementing systems, he has enhanced client relationships and shaped and executed powerful marketing strategies.

Multi-sector expertise includes SaaS, FinTech, Offshore Financial Services, Retail, Aviation, Tourism and Travel. Other successes encompass customised IT, e-Commerce planning, web-based solutions and outstanding client service delivery for both SMEs and multi-nationals.

Nathan is an incredible communicator, acting as a bridge between senior management and IT specialists. His creative strategies align and coordinate multiple disciplines to drive positive change, achieve organisational goals and boost commercial results.

Jaz’ing Up GDPR! has been written by Nathan as a straightforward, easy-to-read, well-organised book that can be understood by everyone. It includes valuable information for directors and managers, employees and the public at large – and it’s completely free of management, legal and bureaucratic jargon.

Many of the books Nathan read while qualifying as a GDPR Practitioner were written for Data Protection Officers (DPOs), Data Controllers and Data Processors, and not for staff.

So Jaz’ing Up GDPR! has a large section specifically for staff, as it’s surprising how many employees handle personal data, or come into contact with personal data, during their normal working day.

If staff make mistakes which contravene the GDPR regulations, there could be serious financial consequences for their employer – so they need to know how GDPR works and how it affects their jobs, on a daily basis. Jaz’ing Up GDPR! is a book that everyone can pick up or keep on their desk and dip into if they are unsure about anything.

If you want to buy one for every member of your staff, discounts are available.

For more information, and to order Jaz’ing Up GDPR! in print, or as an ebook, click on this link now www.JazingUpGDPR.com


Nathan has held top-level positions, and has been commissioned for leading-edge consultancy projects, across the IT industry. This includes work as a technical support analyst, software developer, sales manager for an offshore financial software provider, running a leading internet service provider, and work for a Jersey-based trust company with a network of international offices.

He has also worked as a consultant across a diverse range of commercial sectors, including the offshore finance industry, so he has an excellent knowledge of the application of systems.

Skills Portfolio

  • Technical Acumen & Solutions-based Thinking
  • Digital Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Strategic Planning & Tactical Execution
  • Web Development & E-Commerce Solutions
  • Sales Funnel Creation & Lead Generation
  • Systems Implementation & Cloud Computing
  • C-Suite Relationship Client Management & Presentations
  • Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery Planning & Data Storage
  • Project Planning & Management
  • IT Infrastructure, Modernisation & Standardisation
  • Booking / Wealth Management /CRM / Stock Management Systems
  • M & A Due Diligence & Investment Appraisals
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