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NW Consulting was created by me, Nathan Wright.  In 2006 during a presentation to a potential client I said the following, and I believe today as I did then that this is exactly how Information Technology should be expected to interact with a business.

“Information Communication & Technology should always be seen as a tool to assist the business in achieving its goals, and not the driving-force dictating business direction!”

From the outset I wanted NW Consulting to be different from the IT consultancy companies I had worked with in the past.  I have worked and been involved with many different businesses over the last 25 years, from the one-man band to the multi-national corporations, and everything in between.  But the real difference is that I have created and built my own businesses along the way so I know first-hand what it is like to be at the coal-face (from sweeping the floor to raising funding though venture capital) and fully understand that the last thing any company needs or wants is to have IT systems fail or make it more difficult to achieve the business goals.

As I hope you will see from my website, I have spent many years building up my expertise in multiple disciplines and as a consultant for your business I am able to utilise this experience to help grow a business / service.  This could be as simple as taking a business online or expanding / diversifying what the business provides into other areas for example e-commence, social media, online marketing or even global online expansion into new jurisdictions etc (to name just a few things I have been involved with and can do for you).  I love working with clients in all industries and all over the world (the great advantage of the Internet world we live in) and local Jersey businesses (in case you didn't know, Jersey - I am pleased to say - is my home).

I feel that I have very strong interpersonal, negotiation and management skills and the capability and genuine interest in communicating at all levels.  This together with my ability to call on or source a wide range of talented people worldwide enables me to provide problem solving solutions in a lateral and often very diverse way whilst at the same time being able to motivate and encourage those people involved to ensure that projects meet deadlines, stay on budget and exceed my clients expectations.

So, have a look around the website and when your ready please get in touch as I am sure I will be able to help you.  If I can't help you myself then don't worry as I have built up a little black-book over the years of many professionals in a whole range of industries who I can call upon to get your project moving in the right direction.  Click here to contact me and lets have a chat about what you are looking for. I don't charge for an initial chat about your ideas / projects, so you really have nothing to lose.  Obviously, I full understand the need for confidentiality and am happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if you wish to provide one.  If you don't have your own, then I have a standard NDA that I would be happy to let you have a copy of for us to use if you wish.

I really do look forward to hearing from you.

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